Congress manifesto promises facelift to Raipur

The ruling Congress promised a complete “makeover” of the capital city in next five years in a constituency-specific manifesto, containing 16-point pledges, the party released for the Raipur Lok Sabha seat on Monday.

The manifesto was released jointly by veteran Congress leader and legislator Satyanarayan Sharma and in-charge minister of the district, Urban Affairs Minister Shiv Daharia.

The manifesto titled “Meri Soch Mera Sankalpa”, which was released on behalf of the Congress candidate Pramod Dubey promises introduction of metro train in the city. It alleged that the BJP had promised the same in vain.

Other major promises made in the manifesto include establishment of an Ayurvedic University and creation of jobs in government as well as private sectors.

Establishment of green corridor in every one kilometer range, preservation of government lands as play grounds, giving houses under government housing board freehold to house owners and introduction of new trains from Raipur, connecting major cities, tourist destinations and pilgrimage centres of the country are some other highlights of the manifesto.

It also promised master plans for towns of Abhanpur, Baloda Bazar, Bhatapara, Arang and Dharsinwa.

The manifesto also promises to sort out the major problem of parking facility in the capital city and assures of preparing a master plan for new parking zones.

It also assured to complete the pending water supply projects to cater the need of drinking water in the capital city.

Congress would also make effort to bring back the Rajiv Gandhi Ground Water Board, which was established here with the efforts of former Union Minister for Water Resources and veteran Congress leader Vidyacharan Shukla, the manifesto pledges. The water board was shifted to Hyderabad.