Congress threatens to sue Kamal Patel for accusing Kamal Nath of insulting Dalits

The Congress has hit back at Madhya Pradesh Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel who has accused former Chief Minister Kamal Nath of using derogatory words against Scheduled Caste people in Chhindwara. The party has said that Patel should stop lying or else the Congress will lodge a complaint against him in the appropriate forum.

Narendra Saluja, media coordinator of the Congress, said that Patel should first correct his information and should also listen to the May 27 video of Kamal Nath carefully and then open his mouth.

Saluja said, “The BJP is without any issue and so it should stop misleading the people on false issues.”

He said if Patel does not stop spreading lies, the Congress will lodge a complaint against him in the appropriate forum for tarnishing the image of Kamal Nath.

Attacking Patel, Saluja said he should first listen to the abuses hurled by his son at a Dalit youth in Harda, and then claim to be friendly towards the Dalit community.

Saluja said a case was also registered against the minister’s son for abusing the Dalit youth using caste-related slurs. The Scheduled Caste community had held agitations against Patel’s son. He said that a phone recording of the alleged incident is with the Congress.

On Sunday, Patel wrote to the Madhya Pradesh Director General of Police and the Tribal Welfare department, alleging that Kamal Nath has insulted the Scheduled Caste community by passing objectionable comments during a press conference on May 27 in Chhindwara. Therefore, a case should be registered against him.