Corona, Nota, boycott may upset Congress, BJP calculations

The BJP and the Congress have begun to campaign for the ensuing by-elections.

Both the parties are emphasizing on cast equations. But people’s anger against them is clear.

There is lot of din over the by-polls in media and social media. There is, however, no such rumpus in the election-bound constituencies.

People are still hesitating to get out of their homes because of the corona pandemic which is set to impact the poling.

The biggest challenge before both the parties is to bring the voters out of their homes.

The women and the elderly may keep away from casting votes. Not only that, the voters may boycott polling because of their anger. The voters’ annoyance at both the political parties is evident in the Gwalior-Chambal region.

They are especially angry with those former Congress legislators and ministers who have defected to the BJP.

The voters are, nevertheless, not enthusiastic about the Congress. They are not satisfied with the party’s 15-month rule and do not want to vote for it.

In the last assembly elections, the Congress’s victory in the Gwalior-Chambal region was one-sided.

As the voters are not happy with the Congress government, they do not want to bring the party back to power. Therefore, the voters may also choose to press the Nota button of the electronic voting machines.

The Dalit voters may go with the BSP which is fighting the by-elections in a big way. But some backward and upper cast voters may boycott polls in a few places.

Although there may not be any movements for boycotting by-elections, people in some villages may stay away from casting votes.