‘Covid-19 struck with renewed vengeance’

Archbishop Leo Cornelio said the Covid-19 pandemic struck us with renewed vengeance. Hence, we had to recede to the safety of our homes and institutions.

We all are certainly sad that in the current wave of Corona-19 pandemic many of our people including our priests and religious have been affected. What could be the reason? Have we been complacent, self-confident or careless? Whatever is the reason, we know that Covid-19 does not make any distinction as to who we are. It strikes anyone and at any time if we are off-guard. Hence, while expressing our solidarity with all who have been affected, let us pray for their speedy recovery; and for all who have succumbed to this pandemic we pray for God’s mercy, said Archbishop.

He urged all, to be on guard and make a more conscious effort to observe the basic norms to protect ourselves by observing the following: Use of masks, keeping social distance, washing/ sanitizing of hands, etc. are some of the basic rules we know but may need to more strictly follow, those who go out for shopping, functions, meeting, etc., while observing the above norms, should kindly ensure that they join their family/community only after they have showered and changed their clothes.

Items purchased from markets and shops may be kept separate for a time or be washed (fruits, vegetables, etc.) with special detergent mix. Visitors may kindly be met at a common place like visitors lounge, etc. Newspapers and magazines may be kept away or exposed to the sun for a time before they are put in the reading room/library.

From many reports we hear that ‘steam inhalation’ is an effective prevention against infection of lungs and nasal cavities which are said to be the most vulnerable organs for Coronavirus attack. Community/family should ensure the availability of such facilities.