Covid positive rate reduces to 3.8%, close to ‘safe 2.5%’ rate set by WHO

Bhopal: The positivity rate has reduced to 3.8 per cent, which is now very close to the ‘safe 2.5 per cent’ rate set by the World Health Organisation (WHO). A low percentage of positive cases simply means that the level of coronavirus transmission relative to the amount of testing is low at this point of time. The health department had adopted both ways to lower the positive percentage—reducing the amount of coronavirus transmission and increasing the number of people who get tested. These two things often go hand in hand.

Ten districts reported below 10 corona cases. Niwari reported only 2 corona case with 154 active cases, while Agar-Malwa reported 3 corona cases with 324 active cases. Burhanpur and Khandwa reported four corona cases each. Katni and Alirajpur reported 5 corona cases each. Barwani reported 7, while Harda and Bhind reported 9 corona cases each. Mandala reported 6 corona cases.

Madhya Pradesh reported 2,936 corona cases pushing infection tally to 757,274. Around 5,989 COVID patients were discharged in MP and 53,653 were active cases. Around 75,910 samples were sent for testing, while 1,404 samples were rejected at the time of testing.

Only four major cities reported above 100 corona cases. Indore reported 773 corona cases and its tally rose to 146,074 and toll to 1,312. Bhopal’s tally went up to 118,279. Indore’s active cases reduced to 9,850 and Bhopal’s active cases reduced to 8,677.

Jabalpur reported 134 corona cases with 2,043 active cases, while Gwalior reported 108 corona cases with 4,055 active cases. These four major cities are in a slightly more dangerous situation as the number of active cases is quite hight in comparison to the other districts.

There are six more in addition to the four major districts which still have above 1,000 active cases in MP. These districts are Ujjain, Ratlam, Rewa, Sagar, Hoshangabad and Damoh.