Delhi HC judge transfer: Law Minister RS Prasad says, ‘well settled process was followed’

Hours after the transfer of Delhi High Court Justice S Muralidhar raised eyebrows, the Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Thursday (February 27) issued a statement saying that “well-settled process was followed” and that the whole thing is being politicised by the Congress party.

In a series of tweet, the BJP minister wrote: “Transfer of Hon’ble Justice Muralidhar was done pursuant to the recommendation dated 12.02.2020 of the Supreme Court collegium headed by Chief Justice of India. While transferring the judge consent of the judge is taken. The well-settled process have been followed.”

Prasad added, “By politicising a routine transfer, Congress has yet again displayed its scant regard for the judiciary. People of India have rejected Congress Party and hence it is hell-bent on destroying the very institutions India cherishes by constantly attacking them.”

The minister said that his party respected the judiciary and that it was the Congress’ record of compromising the independence of the judiciary. “We respect the independence of the judiciary. Record of Congress in compromising the independence of the judiciary, superseding judges even of Supreme Court during Emergency is well known. They rejoice only when the judgment is of their liking otherwise raise questions on the institutions itself,” he wrote.

On the issue of Judge Loya, Prasad said, “The Loya judgement has been well settled by the Supreme Court. Those raising questions do not respect the judgment of the Apex Court pronounced after elaborate arguments. Does Rahul Gandhi consider himself above even the Supreme Court?”

Further, he slammed the Sonia Gandhi-led party claiming that they had no right to lecture the ruling party about objectionable speeches. “The Party, which is the private property of one family, has no right to lecture about objectionable speeches. The family & its cronies have routinely used the harshest words against the Courts, the Army, the CAG, the PM and the people of India,” he said.

Late on Wednesday (February 26) night Justice S Muralidhar, who was hearing cases related to Delhi violence, was issued a transfer notice. He has been sent to the Punjab and Haryana High Court as part of a routine transfer recommended by the Supreme Court Collegium.