Doctors divide over new crop of corona patients during unlock

Bhopal : Healthcare professionals have different views on the new crop of Covid patients who are coming to the hospitals for admission currently during unlock period. A section of the healthcare professionals says that the new cases from outside do not have any family history of corona.

Another section, however, says that, when patients say they do not move outside, it means that they are infected within the family. Coronavirus has been displaying both the trends. Graded unlock started on June 1 and, now, the number of cases is decreasing. But Covid patients getting admitted to hospitals currently are coming both with family history of the disease and history of random infection outside the family.

‘New cases in unlock’

‘Currently, the new cases that are coming to our hospital don’t have any family history of corona infection. In the second wave, families got infected and, now, when corona is on a declining trend during the unlock period, the few cases that are coming are new cases’

— Dr AK Shrivastava, medical superintendent, TB Hospital

‘Showing mixed trend’

‘Corona infection is showing a mixed trend even after the number of cases in the city has decreased. Cases are coming with both family history of the disease and without’

— Dr ID Chaurasia, neurologist, Hamidia Hosptial

‘Haven’t moved outside’

‘New cases are coming with family history of the disease as the patients say that they haven’t moved outside. This shows that they’re getting infected within their families. Most of the cases being reported are from this category’

— Dr Subroto Mandal, cardiologist

‘Totally new cases now’

‘These are totally new cases. They dohn’t have any family history of corona infection. However, a few of the cases that are coming have no family history. Mostly, the cases are coming from other hospitals where the Covid patients didn’t recover’

— Dr Manisha Shrivastava, medical superintendent, AIIMS