Don’t want to accept WhatsApp’s updated privacy policy? Here’s how to delete your account

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp has scrapped its May 15 deadline for users to accept its controversial privacy policy update and said not accepting the terms will not lead to deletion of accounts.

WhatsApp had faced severe backlash over user concerns that data was being shared with parent company Facebook. People are choosing other alternatives like Signal and other messaging apps instead of WhatsApp for communication.

So if you are looking to delete your account if you don’t intend to accept the privacy policies, then here is what you need to do before you delete your WhatsApp account forever.

Step 1: First take a backup of all the important chats and information by exporting chats and then saving messages and media.

Step 2: After that, you can manually notify your friends by using a Broadcast List instead of copy and pasting your message to multiple chats.

Step 3: Tap the Delete My Account button, to permanently delete the WhatsApp account along with your WhatsApp groups.