Drug’s trap short film a war against drugs

A short film is being made in Bhopal, which will show the harm due to drugs and alcohol to the people. The story of this film written by Faizuddin Khan and Sarim khan. Faiz Uddin has been first run in the mtv crunch show 10 years ago and Sarim is a theater artist, in this Faiz is Sarim’s brother and Sarim Khan is a drugs addict in this film, Sarim wanted to become a singer but Sarim’s dream remained incomplete.
Full movie made from normal mobile
Full film has been made from a normal smart phone, but it is difficult to see the film’s trailer or prove that such a film can also be made from mobile, one more important thing that all the artist in the film belongs to bhopal only.
News Mohalla Welfare Foundation is making this film. A few days ago, the trailer of this film has reached the people through social media and people have liked it a lot. All the actors of this film are from Bhopal. Sarim, Faiz uddin, Hasib Ansari, Doctor Dev, Sarawat Zaidi, mahir,Afsar Khan, Farrukh and Ali Khan, screenplay,story and directed by – Faizuddin and Sarim. The film is being released on 1 January 2021 on News Mohalla YouTube channel.
The purpose of giving a message in the society of drug abuse
Drugs are an evil that destroys our entire lives. A person suffering from addiction becomes a burden on the society along with the family. The younger generation is suffering from addiction the most. Even in Bhopal, the drug business is on the rise and the strength of the drug is increasing. The government runs a drug de-addiction drive, ban alcohol and gutkha, to rid these victims of drug addiction. Attempts to apply, but it is unsuccessful in it, people are fond of films, so it is difficult to stop people through the film, as drugs, people use alcohol, ganja, zarda, brown sugar, cocaine, smack etc. , Which is not well with health both socially and economically. A person addicted becomes obsessed with society and his social activity becomes zero, yet he does not give up addiction. Smoking causes lung cancer, while cocaine, hashish, opium work to increase excitement in people, which promotes crime and illegal activities in society. With the use of these intoxicants, the person goes into a mad and dormant state and has to face illnesses. Its use causes loss of both people and money.
The whole country is suffering from drug addiction
According to a survey, about 37 percent of the people living below the poverty line in India consume drugs. These include people whose two-time bread is also not available in their homes. The families who do not have the facilities of bread and clothes and are busy eating food for the morning and evening, they get drunk on the wages they earn as wages. These people are not worried about their families that their stomachs are empty and children are suffering from hunger. The number of such people is also increasing continuously. These people say that they consume drugs to forget gum. How meaningless is his argument when it is seen that his family is sleeping hungry. A voluntary organization report has revealed that over half of the total male population spends more than half of their income in alcohol and other forms of drugs.