Dynasts ignored problems of Muslim women because of vote bank politics, says PM Modi in Barabanki

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that the dynasts want poor to be always at their feet and keep revolving around them, adding that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) cares for the poor.

PM Modi hit out at rivals, saying they only bothered about “vote bank” politics and did not pay attention to the problems of Muslim women suffering due to triple talaq.

“Dynasts want the poor to be always at their feet and keep revolving around them. We care for the poor and we are working to bring down the problems of their lives,” said PM Modi while addressing the audience.

Addressing a rally for the Barabanki and Ayodhya districts, PM Modi took a swipe at rivals for claiming that they can understand people’s pain more than those who have no family, saying for him, UP and the entire country is family.

Prime Minister said that the poor of UP is standing with the BJP and blessing them in all phases of the polls.

PM Modi remarked that previous governments had closed their eyes shut from the needs and problems of the women in the state.

“If they had even a little empathy, would they have given the freedom to goons who used to molest our school-going daughters? Today goons know that if they cross boundaries, strict action will be taken,” he added.

PM Modi also said that the development of the people of Uttar Pradesh gives speed to the development of India.

“The ability of the people of UP enhances the ability of the people of India. But for several decades in UP, the dynasty-oriented governments did not do justice to the ability of UP,” added Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister also highlighted the large scale recruitment of women in Uttar Pradesh Police as well as in the army.

PM Modi talked about launching vaccination drives for animals and also caring for the marginal farmers by giving money directly in their bank account.