Flipkart’s grocery service now covers more than 50 cities in India

In order to increase its presence in India, Flipkart has expanded its grocery services to more than 50 cities, including Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Vellore.

This expansion will provide users of seven large cities and more than 40 neighbouring cities access to high-quality grocery products, offers, quick deliveries and the most seamless grocery shopping experience, a statement said on Tuesday.

The pandemic has led to millions of people turning to e-commerce for their grocery purchases that have driven the sharp growth in the e-grocery not only in metros but also from tier II cities and beyond.

Flipkart has invested in the rapid expansion of its grocery services over the years and has managed to scale up exponentially in the past year, the company said in a statement.

“This expansion has brought the convenience of Flipkart’s grocery service to users of metro cities such as Kolkata, Pune and Ahmedabad, with the help of Flipkart’s dedicated grocery fulfillment centres… Flipkart Grocery has witnessed 3X growth in the last one year,” it added.

Flipkart has also expanded its services to cities beyond the metros such as Mysore, Kanpur, Warangal, Allahabad, Aligarh, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Rajkot, Vadodara, Vellore, Tirupati and Daman, through a satellite-expansion marketplace model.

“Grocery continues to be one of the fastest-growing categories, with the increase in demand for quality food and household supplies from users. In line with this, we have invested in scaling up our grocery operations across the country, strengthening ecosystem partnerships,” Flipkart Senior Vice President – Grocery, General Merchandise and Furniture – Manish Kumar said.

He also said the company has witnessed an increased demand for groceries from tier II cities in the past year, fuelled by customers increasing preference for contactless shopping, from the comforts of their home.

“It is a trend that we think will continue and will set the course of e-grocery space in India,” he noted.