Government denies illegal liquor sale, BJP walks out

The Chhattisgarh government on Friday denied any illegal liquor sale in the state but the BJP insisted it was true and walked out of the Assembly.

Shivratan Sharma (BJP) cited the illegal storage and sale of liquor at Simga in Raipur district where a liquor truck was seized by the police following protests, It was released later.

Forest Minister Mohammed Akbar said that due to technical reasons the scanning of the stock was not done and all necessary documents were in order. That is why the stock in the vehicle was released from the police station.

Sharma said he was present at the spot and the district excise officer was trying to cover up a wrong.

Other opposition members alleged that illegal liquor sale happened in the whole site while excise officials looked the other way.

Objecting to the government stand, BJP members walked out of the House.