Govt committed to STs edu development: CM

A large population of Scheduled Tribes resides in the State. The Central and State Governments have always been committed to the overall development of the tribal society. The State Government has paid special attention to the educational development of this class to pave the way for all-round development.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan says that good education is very essential for the social and economic empowerment of the individual and the society. He has always believed that there is no dearth of talent in our tribal community.

It has been the endeavor of the State Government that no student should face any kind of problem in acquiring education. Education should be accessible to every student. Talents should get a good environment to move forward and build a bright future. In this spirit, the State Government has successfully implemented many schemes and programs for the educational development of Scheduled Tribes.

The State Government’s policy and strong will also started giving positive results. Many talents in the Scheduled Tribes have come forward and brought laurels to the State. The universality of education has provided better opportunities for progress in the political, social, economic and cultural fields to the entire Scheduled Tribes community. While opportunities have increased for the Scheduled Tribes community to acquire education easily in rural areas and cities, on the other hand, talented students are also acquiring education abroad by taking advantage of the state government’s scheme.

The budget of the Tribal Affairs Department in the State was about 746 crore in the year 2003-04, which has now increased to more than8 thousand crore. In the last 17 years, there has been an increase of 81 percent in the number of primary schools, 55 percent in the number of secondary schools, 112 percent in the number of high schools, 81 percent in the number of higher secondary schools and 2633. percent in the number of girls education complexes in the tribal areas of the state.

The State Government has increased the rates of scholarship of tribal students living in hostels and ashrams from 1230 to1300 per month for boys and from 1270 to1340 per month for girls.