Govt gears up for overall tribal development: CM

The State Government led by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan believes that the development of Madhya Pradesh is possible only when the tribal brothers and sisters of the State join the mainstream society. To give a concrete shape to this belief, the State Government is gearing up to protect the education, health, livelihood development and constitutional rights of the tribals.

Chouhan believes that the tribals have the first right on the government’s treasury and is determined to open the treasury of both money and opportunity for them.

In the last one and a half decades, the budget has been continuously increased for the overall development of the tribe. In the year 2003-04, the budget of the Tribal Affairs Department was Rs 746.60 crores, which was increased to 8,085.99 crores in the year 2020-21. Thus, the budget of this category was increased by 948 per cent.

Madhya Pradesh has the highest tribal population in the country. One-fifth of the total population here belongs to the tribes. Educational, economic, social and employment schemes for people of different ages and the groups are being implemented by the State Government for the all-round development of tribal brothers and sisters.

The State Government is also working with a determination to increase the education facilities of the tribal society. The benefits of the New Education Policy-2020 will leave no stone unturned to provide benefits to tribal children and youth. It has been decided that from the 8th and 9th class onwards, online arrangements will be made for smart classes for tribal students to improve the foundation of NEET and JEE for their future. The curriculum will also be tailored to fit the requirements of the time. In order to improve their condition economically, at least 4 people in each Gram Panchayat will be trained in various subjects such as agricultural equipment skills, IT services, building-related skills, organic farming as rural engineers.

Ashrams, hostels, schools, kanyashiksha complexes are being run for tribal students across the state. The Akanksha and Civil Services Incentive Scheme is operational for the training of competitive examinations. Apart from providing them reservations in, self-employment schemes, skill development centers are also being run.

Special backward tribe residential schools, For the educational development of tribal students specifically females, where the state has encountered low literacy rates are being run along with EklavyaAdarsh ??Residential School and Garukulam Vidyalaya. These Residential schools are functioning at Guna, Jabalpur and Sheopur to provide education to students of 3 special backward tribes namely Baiga, Bharia and Saharia. A food grant of 1,000 rupees per month is being provided to the female heads of special backward tribal families to protect them from malnutrition. Coaching for examinations like UPSC has also become possible for tribal students. As a maximum amount of 4.40 lakhs rupees per student is being provided for 18 months. Scholarships are also being awarded by the State Government to the tribal students for getting an education abroad. Eight sports complexes for boys and girls have also been set up in different districts.