Guv, CM to unveil statue of Tantya Mama today

Governor Mangubhai Patel and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan will pay homage by unveiling the statue of Tantya Mama at Patalpani, the place of work of Tantya Mama, the great leader of the tribal pride and freedom movement on his martyrdom day on Gourav Diwas on Saturday. After this, they will attend the death anniversary program of Tantya Mama at Nehru Stadium Indore.

Patel and Chief Minister Chouhan will visit the exhibition based on the life of Jannayak Tantya Mama, set up at Nehru Stadium in Indore. Chouhan will welcome Tantya Mama Gourav Kalash Rath and descendants of Tantya Mama in the program. Various cultural programs will also be organized in the ceremony. In-charge of Indore district and Home Minister Narottam Mishra, Water Resources Minister Tulsiram Silawat, Culture and Tourism Minister Usha Thakur, Tribal Welfare Minister Sushri Meena Singh and public representatives will be present.

The new statue of Tantya Mama has come from Gwalior for installation. This statue, about ten feet high, will be unveiled. Governor Patel and Chief Minister Chouhan will also perform worship and plantation at the Kalka Mata Temple at Patalpani Railway Station.

The British officers accepted the indomitable courage of Tantya Mama and used to tremble at his name. Tantya Mama used to be active in helping the poor. The British officers were also scared of his activities. That is why Tantya Mama was also called Indian Robin Hood by many British officers.

It is said that Tantya Mama, who specialized in imitating sounds of many types of animals and birds, happily kissed the noose of the gallows. British soldiers used to fear him very much. He made a lot of efforts at the personal level to make people aware of the country’s self-respect and the value of freedom. In the words of Chief Minister Chouhan, the center of reverence for everyone, the tribal pride, the great hero of the country’s freedom movement, the revolutionary sacrificer Tantya Mama is revered by all. The cooperation given by him in the freedom movement continues to inspire us even today. On the day of his sacrifice, I will pay homage to such a great hero by going to his place of work Patalpani.