Here’s how to set custom WhatsApp wallpaper for individual chats

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp has a new feature that allows its users to set WhatsApp wallpaper for individual chats and make it all so special. This is available for both Android and iOS users.

Earlier, WhatsApp users could set just one wallpaper for all chats including groups and individuals.

Here’s how to set a custom wallpaper for single chats on WhatsApp:

1: Go to your WhatsApp contact to set a special wallpaper for that specific chat.

2: Go to Account Details and then to the Wallpaper & Sound feature.

3: Pick the wallpaper for that specific contact via the ‘Choose a New Wallpaper’ option.

4: The choice is between Bright, Dark, and Solid Colours. Pick the one that suits you and expresses your relationship with the contact best. Hint: You could also change colour options to subtly send a message to the person concerned.

5: If you want to take the entire thing to extremes, you can set a photo from the gallery. This can be done via Photos option.

6: Simply click on SET and you are good to go.

7: In case you run into difficulty with your pick (your contact may well get upset!!), then you can remove the custom wallpaper. Just scramble for the ‘Remove Custom Wallpaper’ button.