Hike of 13% in agriculture budget: Choubey

The Chhattisgarh Assembly on Friday passed budgetary demands of Rs 7,785.76 crores for the departments held by cabinet Minister Ravindra Choubey, who said there was a 13 percent rise in allocation to agriculture.

The budgetary demands were for the agriculture, water resources, animal husbandry, fisheries and parliamentary affairs departments for fiscal 2021-22.

The budget for agriculture is Rs 4,604.53 crores, animal husbandry Rs 473.82 crores, fisheries Rs 82.38 crores, agriculture resource & education Rs 255 crores, water resources Rs 1,139.47 crores, minor irrigation construction works Rs 453.98 crores, water resources with NABARD assistance related projects Rs 699.06 crores and foreign funded assistance Rs 7 crores.

Replying to the discussion, Agriculture Minister Choubey said that 95 percent of the population is based on agriculture. The government has been working to protect the rights of farmers. One such major step was to give lac and fisheries the status of farming.

He said compared to last year, there has been a rise of 13 percent in budgetary allocation as demand for fertilizers, seeds, agriculture loan, cropping area and production has increased in the last two years.

During Covid-19 pandemic, Rs 23,555 crores were transferred into bank accounts of farmers.

The Minister said to facilitate farmers, all primary committees’ platforms will have sheds and a cottage for farmers.