In MP, 1,575 COVID-19 cases in a week

BHOPAL: The stealthy and silent coronavirus has again begun to creep into the state. The number of active cases has shot up to 1, 575. Earlier, from March 2 to 9, its number was 738. Nevertheless, from February 2 to 16, the number of rest of the patients was 567. On February 16, there were 1,856 active cases whose number has shot up to more than 5, 500. The rise in number of patients has been thrice more than that of what has been on February 16. MP was out of ten states where the number of patients was very high. Now that the number of patients has gone up, it is among the top six states in terms of corona patients.

The position of MP comes after Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. More than 60% of patients in the country are from Maharashtra. There are 2.6% of patients in MP. Apart from Bhopal and Indore, the number of cases has begun to rise in Jabalpur, Gwalior, Chhindwara, Ujjain and Ratlam. As far as number of positive cases is concerned, the condition of Bhopal is serious. In terms of testing, the number of positive patients has reached 14%. The number of positive cases has been up by 10% in a week, which is the highest in the state. In Indore, the positivity rate on March 16 was 10%; whereas in past one week it was 9%. Nearly 55% of positive cases in the state have been reported from Bhopal and Indore. 62% in home isolation : As the number of corona cases is rising, the government is getting worried about how to provide medical aid to the patients. Only 38% of corona patients are in hospitals. The number of beds at hospitals in Indore and in Bhopal was reduced, as the number of patients declined.

There are 575 beds in Indore and 390 in Bhopal for corona patients. The state government has told the hospitals to increase beds and bolster medical facilities to deal with the rising number of patients.