‘Inflated’ power bills: Congress stages protests in Bhopal

BHOPAL: Congress workers staged demonstrations against the inflated electricity bills on Thursday. Protests were held all across the state. In Bhopal the former minister PC Sharma led the demonstration at Roshanpura square. Sharma while addressing the demonstration alleged that the state government has no concern for the common people.

“One one hand people are losing their livelihood because of the pandemic and on the other hand the state government has increased the rates of electricity,” he said. He alleged that the electricity department staffers were seizing the household items of the farmer and common man on their failure to pay the bills. They are also humiliating their families, he added.

He claimed that the former chief minister Kamal Nath had launched a scheme under which the poor families after using 100 units of electricity had to pay only Rs 100 for additional usage. The BJP dropped the scheme after coming to power, he added.