Inform public about new land transfers system, says CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan

BHOPAL: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that a massive awareness campaign should be launched to provide information to the general public about the new system introduced for undisputed transfer of land. A special Record Purification Week will be observed in the month of August for correction of errors in land related documents. No fee will be charged from the farmers for correction of errors made during computerization of records.

The CM was discussing about day-to-day works related to revenue, agriculture, electricity, cooperative, animal husbandry departments with Kisan Manch officials at Mantralaya on Thursday.

The CM said that instead of replacing the burnt transformers of same capacity, transformers of additional capacity should be installed. Grievance redressal camps should be organized at sub-station level for redressal of power related complaints.

The CM stated that intensive campaign will be launched against spurious milk in the state.

Key points of discussion between CM and Kisan Manch representatives

  • Name transfer documents should be made available as soon as the registration is completed.
  • Fauti Namantaran†should be done by the patwaris as proposed by the village Panchayat within the time limit.
  • The responsibility of entering records in the computer should be fixed with the Patwari only.
  • The undisputed division of property should be done by the tehsildar on getting notarized on the basis of mutual consent.
  • The errors made by the department in Khasra B-1 should be rectified by the department.
  • The traditional paths of the fields should be marked on the map.
  • R.I. and the patwaris should not be posted in the home tehsil.
  • Patwaris should be authorized only for the work of revenue. Separate officers should be appointed for other work and protocol.
  • Permission for ballast (gitti) mining on the hills should be given at such a place where it can be used for water collection after mining.
  • All work dealings of cooperatives should be computerized and transparency should be maintained.