iPhone 11 survives 6 months underwater

Who said Apple’s recent iPhones can’t survive in water for long? A report from AppleInsider claimed that a freediver couple from Chilliwack could get hold of two phones from the bottom of Harrison Lake in British Columbia.

The couple used to regularly clean the bottom of the lake and one fine day, they found two phones – one flip phone and the other an iPhone 11. When they tried to open it, while the former remained inoperable, the latter started working when they took it home, the report further said.

After that, the couple reached out to the original owner of the device, a resident of Vancouver who reportedly dropped her phone into the lake in September 2020 which happened because she lost her balance when the device fell into the lake after which she was told that there was no way to retrieve it from the water, the report said.

While talking to the media, she said that it was a “complete shock” for her and she first thought it was her friends pranking her as the message had arrived from her old number, but she finally visited the couple in Chilliwack to get her smartphone back. “It was kind of like a zombie phone coming back to me because I’d totally make (sic) peace with it being gone,” she stated.