Kamal Nath, Scindia factions in Congress look divided

BHOPAL: State Congress seems to be divided after Kamal Nath’s curt reply to Jyotiraditya Scindia’s statement when the latter said that he would take to the streets in support of guest scholars. In reply to Scindia’s statement, Nath said, “Let him do that.”

However, Minister for General Administration Department Govind Singh, gave a piece of advice to Scindia that taking to the streets is the job of opposition. The chief minister must have given a thought to the statement before making it public.

Since Scindia is a senior leader of the party, if he has any complaint, he should discuss it sitting at home, Singh said.

On the other hand, minister for women and child development Imarti Devi said if Scindia takes to the streets, the Congress workers across the country would follow. Earlier, Imarti Devi had said that she would always be on Scindia’s side.

There are six ministers belonging to the Scindia camp in the Nath cabinet. They are Imarti Devi, Govind Singh Rajput, Pradumnya Singh Tomar, Tulsiram Silawat, Prabhuram Choudhary and Mahendra Singh Sisodia.

Besides, 22 legislators from Gwalior, Chambal and Malwa are with Scindia. His supporters are, however, in a dilemma because of rift between the CM and Scindia.

Cracks began to appear in their relationship after the formation of Congress government in the state. On several occasions, Scindia has raised such issues whch are against the government.

Before the Lok Sabha elections, Scindia looked very strong in the party but his loss in the polls has weakened his position.

After Sonia was appointed AICC president in place of Rahul Gandhi, Scindia began to lose his grip over the party.

According to sources, Scindia is waiting for a decision on the appointment of the MPCC president and the selection of the party candidates for Rajya Sabha elections.

He will take the next step only after the name of MPCC head and RS candidates are declared.