Less than 10% of villages in Madhya Pradesh have seen 100% vaccination

BHOPAL: Less than 10 per cent of the total number of villages have seen 100 per cent vaccination for the population of age group above 45 years as the vaccination drive moves at a slow pace. Besides, the second dose for them and vaccination for the age group of 18 to 44 are at the primary stage.

Out of 473 villages in Bhopal, there are only 32 villages where all the members above 45 years of age have been vaccinated. A few of them have also got their second dose. However, the officials look the vaccination drive as a success as the villagers were reluctant and they had to be convinced to get inoculated.

The efforts made by members of self-help womenís groups and ANMs is the reason these villages have witnessed such a figure. One of the reasons for hundred per cent vaccination in these villages is the involvement of village women who were trained by the village panchayats under their rural schemes. These women were inducted into self-help groups and they helped check the spread of corona by convincing the residents to stay indoors and not to take part in any public activity or functions.

There are 187 panchayats in Bhopal, 110 in Berasia and 77 in Fanda blocks. Only eight panchayats have successfully vaccinated the members of above-45-year age group.

The panchayats, including Khatakhedi, Kolukhedi, Gol, Bhori, Borkhedi, Teelakhedi, Shaistakhedi and Barkhedi Abdullah have achieved a target of 100 per cent vaccination of the first dose.

Dedicated support

Chief executive officer (CEO) Vikash Mishra says they received support from the village women who dedicatedly spread awareness about the need for receiving the vaccine. He says efforts are underway for second-dose vaccination and for the age group of above 18 years.