Let us pledge, every child will be completely healthy: CM

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that children are the future of our country and healthy, educated and cultured children build a capable nation. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modiji, a “Mahayajna” is going on to build a glorious, prosperous, and powerful India. To ensure success to this endeavour it is necessary that our children remain perfectly healthy.

Anganwadi is a platform to keep children healthy and well educated, giving them better values and to ensure their better growth. Anganwadi is not the responsibility of the government only. The government is mobilising resources. It is ensuring nutritious food. It is making arrangements. Society also has a responsibility in this endeavour. Me, you have a responsibility towards your children and therefore we have thought that the Anganwadi should not run by the government alone, but society should also be associated with the government. For this purpose we have started “Adopt Anganwadi Campaign”.

Chouhan said this in a message issued to the people of the state through media. Chief Minister Chouhan said that many people have adopted Anganwadis. But, why only a few people should adopt Anganwadis? Everyone should be associated with the Anganwadis.

There is a need that proper nutritious food should be made available in Anganwadis, proper arrangements for education should be made and arrangements for sports should also be there. Today it is the need of the hour and keeping this in mind, I went out with a handcart in Bhopal to make proper arrangement of total resources for the Anganwadi and to connect our society to the Anganwadi. To collect toys and other materials for the children, people extended cooperation with open hands.

I had gone out with a handcart, but trucks were filled with toys in reciprocation. A variety of material arrived, cheques and commitments worth lakhs of rupees arrived. I am excited, my enthusiasm has increased further. Therefore, the campaign to connect the society with Anganwadi is now becoming a social movement.

The Chief Minister said, “I make a humble appeal to you that you should also join this campaign, join the movement, you can extend cooperation in fulfilling the needs of Anganwadis. If you are a farmer, give food grains, if you are a trader give material, if you are industrialists, employees, officers are any other person engaged in social or any other work, donate something to the Anganwadis, according to your capacities.

You celebrate your birthday with the children of Anganwadi. If you cannot go there then send milk, fruits, something nutritious to Anganwadi. You can arrange food for children in Anganwadi in memory of your parents. On the birthdays of your children, you can gift something to the Anganwadi. That is why I am making an emotional appeal to you today. Join Anganwadi means connect yourself with your children and join the future of your country.”

Chouhan appealed to the citizens to go out to collect goods for the Anganwadi in their respective cities and village and gift the collected goods to the Anganwadi. When I can go out with a handcart, why can’t you too?

While making a pledge on behalf of the people of the state, Chief Minister Chouhan said that come, let us take a pledge that every child in the state will be completely healthy, none will remain underweight, there will be no shortage of nutritious food in the Anganwadi, we will fulfill the rest of the need, and the society will do.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the campaign to connect the society with Anganwadi is a “Mahayjna” to make children healthy, educated and cultured. In this endeavour, the people of the state should also give their offerings.