Loyalists reap harvest, Scindia is yet to get a ministerial berth

BHOPAL: Jyotiraditya Scindia completes one year in the BJP amid a war of words between him and Rahul Gandhi. When Scindia had defected to the BJP, it was expected that he would get a ministerial berth at the Centre after the party formed the government in the state. Scindia’s supporters have been waiting for one year expecting that he would become a minister, but that is yet to happen.

The Centre has not expanded the ministry for a year. This is the reason why Scindia has not been inducted into the Union Cabinet. Scindia joined the BJP when he was afflicted with the coronavirus. By-elections in Madhya Pradesh were held during the pandemic. After the by-election results were out, it was speculated that Scindia would get a Cabinet berth.

Then, the farmers’ agitation began. Now that the party is busy with the elections in Bengal and other states, the chances of ministry expansion are bleak. However, Rahul Gandhi’s statement that had Scindia been in the Congress, he would have become the chief minister has generated a lot of heat in state politics. Although Scindia has given a reply to Rahul’s statement, his supporters are worried about Scindia’s future.

Scindia’s clout in state politics, however, has increased. When Scindia was in the Congress, six of his supporters were allotted berths in the Cabinet and now, nine of his supporters have been inducted into the ministry. Among the former ministers, Imarti Devi is the only leader who has incurred a heavy loss after defecting from the Congress to the BJP. She lost her ministerial berth, as well as had to eat humble pie in the election.

Besides her, such Scindia loyalists as Girraj Dandotia, Ranveer Jatav, Raghuraj Singh Kansana, Jaswant Jatav and Munnalal Goyal have lost their seats. Scindia’s defection has, however, benefited former chief minister Digvijaya Singh. Scindia would have become the biggest hurdle in the way of Digvijaya’s son, Jaiwardhan Singh. That has come to an end.

According to political analysts, Scindia’s leaving the Congress has also highly benefited the BJP, which returned to power within 15 months of the formation of the Opposition government. Apart from that, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has gained the most from Scindia’s joining the BJP.