Madhya Pradesh: Governor Lalji Tandon unhappy with teachers’ effort in spreading awareness on coronavirus

BHOPAL: Governor Lalji Tandon has urged the university and collegiate teachers to contribute more for general awareness in fight against corona virus.

Reviewing the activities, the governor was not satisfied with the contribution of teachers in spreading awareness messages to fight coronavirus. Raj Bhawan had started a campaign on social media making people aware about social distancing as a major step to fight the pandemic.

However, it was observed that numbers of messages and its circulation was not on the expected lines. Governor has expressed concern and said that although message is spreading through social media but the impact could not be seen on the ground and it seems that teachers need to contribute more.

Teachers have been asked to send messages to all their contacts including students and citizens. These messages are related to maintaining of social distancing, general hygiene, self quarantine and following the lockdown instructions.

Governor Tandon has appealed to all teachers to use ‘their image in society’ to impress the citizens to prevent corona from spreading.