Madhya Pradesh: Post cabinet setup, Congress keeps eye on anger in BJP

BHOPAL: The Congress has begun to keep an eye on resentment among BJP legislators after the formation of the ministry.

Now that the BJP has toppled the Kamal Nath-led government by inducting Jyotiraditya Scindia and his 22 loyalists into the party, the Congress has begun to cast its eye on each spark in the BJP to turn it into a big fire.

Through their statements, the Congress leaders have begun to incite the BJP leaders who have been sidelined at the time of forming ministry.

Rajya Sabha member Vivek Tankha, former ministers Sajjan Singh Verma, Umang Singhar, Jitu Patwari and others began to raise the issue of not inducting the senior BJP leaders into the cabinet.

The Congress leaders also said the BJP preferred party-hoppers to honest and hard-working leaders at the time of forming ministry.

The Congress has raised the issue of sidelining the leaders like Gopal Bhargava, Bhupendra Singh, Rajendra Shukla, Vijay Shah, Yashodharaje Scindia, Nagendra Singh, Rampal Singh, Malini Gaud and Mahendra Hardia.

The party is keeping an eye on the expansion of the ministry. From former chief minister Kamal Nath’s statement, it was clear that the party is planning to give a jolt to the BJP after the expansion of the ministry.

Nath said the BJP may have formed the government by luring away the Congress legislators and wanted to know how long they would run the government.

Earlier, the Congress leaders claimed that a few BJP leaders had been in touch with them.

After the cabinet expansion, the Congress will try to pay the BJP in the same coin.

The Congress will make efforts to shock the BJP by uniting the rebel leaders.

In the BJP, there are 50 leaders who yearn for a cabinet berth, but only 20 will get it when the expansion takes place, so the Congress may take the advantage of the resentment among the BJP legislators.

Scindia loyalists, ex-MLAs yearn for berth

Supporters of Jyotiraditya Scindia and a few former legislators who crossed over to the BJP are keen to become ministers. Among Scindia supporters Pradyumnya Singh Tomar, Imarti Devi, Mahendra Singh Sisodia and Prabhuram Choudhary are yet to be inducted into the cabinet.

Besides them, Rajyawardhan Singh longs for a cabinet berth. The BJP had also assured Bisahulal Singh, Aindal Singh Kansana and Hardeep Singh Dang that they would be made ministers.

The BSP and SP legislators Sanjeev Kushwah, Rambai and Rajendra Shukla are also keen to become ministers.

All these leaders waiting for the cabinet expansion will make a strategy after that.