Madhya Pradesh progressing rapidly in Covid-19 vaccination

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the world’s largest vaccination campaign was conducted in India under the able leadership of Prime Minister

Narendra Modi and in a short span of time, the record of first dose was set for the eligible population in the country. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that in Madhya Pradesh also, more than 98 percent of the eligible population has been given the first vaccine. 

Chouhan said that 10 crore 95 lakh, 29 thousand 343 vaccine doses have been administered so far in Madhya Pradesh. In this 5 crore 73 lakh, 91 thousand 84 people have been give the first dose and 5 crore 14 lakh 64 thousand 940 citizens have been given both doses of the vaccine. Apart from this, 6 lakh 73 thousand 319 precaution doses have also been administered. Vaccination work is being undertaken constantly in the state.

The Chief Minister said that in the efforts made to save the people of the state from Corona infection, vaccination has been important. Prime Minister Narendra Modi provided free vaccine, which has been used by Madhya Pradesh in public interest to the maximum. While ensuring public participation in special vaccination campaigns run in the state, Madhya Pradesh has made a record of maximum number of vaccinations in a day. Chouhan said that I feel proud of the people of my state, who worked shoulder to shoulder with the administration considering vaccination as a service to humanity. The passion for public participation in Madhya Pradesh has emerged as a model for other states.

Chouhan has appealed to the people of the state that just as everyone has cooperated in achieving up to 98 percent in vaccination, with the same enthusiasm and self-dedication, we must ensure that the remaining 2 percent people get the vaccine as well. He said that it is the effect of vaccination that the people who are getting infected in the third wave of Corona have not faced the lethal effect of Corona. Most of the patients are recovering at home with proper treatment. They do not have to be admitted to the hospital. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan has appealed to all the citizens to take all precautions as per the Corona protocol.

Chouhan said that the process of administering vaccine to adolescent girls of 15 to 17 years is also going on in the state. From today, a campaign has been started to administer the second dose of the vaccine to those children, who have completed 28 days after the first dose. Chouhan said that Madhya Pradesh is leading in vaccinating pregnant women as well.