Many depts doing best work for public welfare: Chouhan

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that many departments are doing best work related to public welfare. Many innovations have been adopted. Information regarding this should be made available to the general public by ministers who should take the lead and apprise the public through various activities. Other departments and individuals are also motivated in this direction on getting the details of good works.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan was addressing the Cabinet members before the Cabinet meeting at Mantralaya today.

The Chief Minister said that we are policy makers. Ministers should also present the idea of a particular innovation or work related to their department. If the ministers are aware of the important activities of the department along with the Government, it would be the best. Ministers should also be aware of the works of other departments. Decision on the ideas presented by the ministers will be taken after deliberation. All departments will give their presentations as per order.

Chouhan said that Madhya Pradesh broke all records in wheat procurement. Madhya Pradesh became the highest earning state in the country. Similarly, the purchase of paddy was also historic. The farmer of Madhya Pradesh is satisfied. Payments were made to the farmers on time. The procurement of paddy in the state was done systematically. Ministers also deserve to be congratulated. This achievement was possible with the cooperation of all.

Chouhan said that liquor mafia has to be crushed completely in the state. Deaths due to consumption of poisonous liquor in Morena are a matter of grief and misfortune. The administration has started a campaign against liquor mafia, which will continue. The Chief Minister said that we will breathe easy only after all types of mafia are eliminated. From time to time, the progress of campaign against various mafia and adulterators is being sought after communicating with the Commissioners and IG level officials.

Chouhan said that he will consider the transfer policy. The policy will be made in rational. The Chief Minister said that the ban on transfer will be lifted from April 1 to 30. Efforts will be made to implement a transparent system on humanitarian and administrative grounds. No transfers will be made throughout the year. For this, every department should review and make necessary preparations.

Chouhan said that the ministers should study the present form, justification and necessary amendments of the schemes of the departments. The concerned ministers and every department should review their schemes in the context of the upcoming budget.