‘Media playing key role in fighting corona’

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that while the Madhya Pradesh government is working with full power to control the corona virus, various mass media are also playing a constructive role to raise public awareness.

Various means of communication have continuously educated and made the people conscious to avoid corona. Chief Minister Chouhan said that success has been achieved in bringing disease under control and economy back on track in the last one year.

Chouhan was participating in the summit programme of a national TV News Channel on Sunday. On this occasion, the Chief Minister also informed about the campaign against mafia in the state and the efforts being made to increase greenery.

Chouhan said that increase in Corona cases in Madhya Pradesh’s neighbouring state had its adverse impact here. Besides, the corona virus is again spreading due to big events, crowded celebrations and the relative lack of awareness among people about the use of masks. It is necessary to stop it. Chief Minister Chouhan said that he wants to appeal to the general public that in the last one year, tireless efforts have been made to control the corona. Seeing the situation under control, people started becoming negligent. Festivals and fairs are taking place. At this time, the corona virus is appearing in a dangerous mood.

About 1300 cases have been reported in Madhya Pradesh, which is worrying. The Chief Minister said that he came out on the roads of Bhopal yesterday and distributed masks to the people in the markets. Everyone has to use the mask essentially. If this measure of protection against Corona is adopted then we will surely win. The Chief Minister said that a sense of complacency had come, due to which cases have increased. Now that the vaccine has also arrived, everyone must take the vaccine. Both doses of the vaccine should be taken. We must protect ourselves and family through the continuous use of face masks and social distancing.

The Chief Minister said that there were very difficult conditions in March last year in Madhya Pradesh when he took over the responsibility of the chief minister. There was no revenue receipt. The corona began to spread at that time. The economy was also faltering, but things were brought under control. The efforts were successful and there has been success in revenue generation as compared to the previous year. Giving information about efforts to handle the economy during the Corona period, the Chief Minister said that while employment bridge portal was created in the state to provide employment to the needy people in urban and rural areas, assistance was provided to total of five lakh small traders, including three-and-half lakh in urban areas and one-and-half lakh in rural areas through PM Swa-Nidhi Yojana.

Record of providing work to needy people was made under MNREGA. Skilled people were also given employment. Efforts were made to make local a vocal. While large industries established in the state, the MSME sector was also promoted. Ban on recruitment in government jobs was lifted.