Microsoft rolls out ‘save passwords automatically’ feature for Edge Canary

Tech giant Microsoft is reportedly rolling out a new “save passwords automatically” feature for Edge Canary for a some users. It is optional and can be enabled within the password section of Edge’s settings.

Not everyone has this feature available to them, reports Windows Central.

Those of you who are tired of manually typing in passwords or giving Edge permission over and over again to save them on your behalf can rest easy, as a helpful new feature may be on its way to standard Edge, the report said.

It is a “save passwords automatically” feature that’s recently snuck into Edge Canary. The feature was spotted by Leopeva64-2 over on Reddit, the report said.

Edge is always testing new features, so there are no guarantee users will see this password-saving tool in the standard release anytime soon.

And Microsoft does not only try out these sorts of things for Edge, it does it with all its products, including Windows 11 and search engine Bing.