‘Modi’ name has a mantra, says CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan

CM of Madhya Pradesh, in a recent interview hailed a MODI Mantra, calling Modi to have a hidden meaning in his name. As per CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan, “‘Modi’ name has a mantra. M for ‘motivational’. He works to take India to greater heights and motivates us. O for ‘Opportunity’, he works to bring out nation’s hidden opportunities. D for ‘Dynamic leadership’. I for ‘inspire’, ‘India’. He inspires us to make India self-reliant.

The Modi government paved a 1 year path of its Modi 2.0 government in the Centre after winning the second term during the last year’s Lok Sabha polls. Going down the memory lane, many BJP leaders showed the graph of the Modi 2.0 governance and brought to fore the ideologies, principles and the challenges met in coming so far.

Union Home minister Amit Shah lauded the Modi 2.0 Government and congratulated PM on his successful completion of 1 year of his second tenure. He hailed the bold steps taken by PM Modi for the betterment of the nation. In his tweet he says, “Modi ji has not only rectified many historical mistakes during these six years, but has also laid the foundation of a self-reliant India moving on the development path by bridging the gap of 6 decades. This 6-year term is an unprecedented example of parallel coordination of ‘poor welfare and reform.”