MP Cabinet okays setup of Urban Development Institute in Bhopal

BHOPAL: The Cabinet has given the nod to set up an Urban Development Institute to train the officials of civic bodies in urban areas and to study the innovations being made by local bodies of other states.

The cabinet took the above decision at a meeting on Thursday and approved the process to continue with the urban infrastructure development scheme.

The proposed institute will teach the officials about how to deal with rapid urbanisation.

The Cabinet also increased the royalty on minor minerals and raised TP rates from Rs 4 and Rs 7 to Rs 100 and Rs 80 per ton.

Licence fee for transporting 14 minerals was increased.

With this, the price of stone chips used to construct house will go up.

The Cabinet also discussed about maintenance and operation of those roads on transfer model, where large number of commercial vehicles are run.

Fifteen such roads have been built by PWD and Road Development Corporation.

The amount of CM’s discretionary fund has been increased from Rs 110 crore to 150 crore. Earlier, the amount of CM’s discretionary fund was Rs 72 crore which was raised to Rs 110 crore.

The Cabinet also approved submission of a report of the judicial inquiry into the shooting incident in Bhind in 2012.

Hospitals in Bhind, Balaghat, Indore and Nayagaon: There will be 300/400-bed hospitals in Bhind and in Balaghat, respectively; and 100-bed civil hospitals will be set up in Indore and in Nayagaon in Jabalpur.

Govt to spent Rs 536 cr on infra: The Cabinet also approved the CM’s infrastructure development scheme, and Rs 536 crore would be spent on the project in four years. The state government will pay 20% of the amount, and the local bodies will provide 80% of it by taking loans.

Teachers will not be shifted: Chief Minister Kamal Nath issued an order during the cabinet meeting on Thursday that teachers would not be transferred. According to the order, in charge minister will be able to shift class 4 employees, and the files related to such transfers will no more be sent to the coordination cell. Sources said files related to the transfer of class 4 employees were sent to the Chief Minister. Since the Chief Minister was angry about the process, he issued the above order during the cabinet meeting.