MP jails to introduce GPS band to prevent prisoners from escaping

In the wake of two murder convicts breaking free from the Bhopal Central Jail, Madhya Pradesh jail department is considering tying GPS bands on wrists or ankles of prisoners taken outside jail premises, in a bid to prevent them from escaping.”We are exploring the possibility of putting Global Positioning System (GPS), connected to a base computer, on wrist or ankle of prisoners who are taken out to work outside prisons, to check them from escaping,” State Additional Director General (Prison) Sushovan Banerjee told PTI.

On February 5, Ganpath Singh (42) and Ramlal Bhoi (36), both undergoing life term in separate cases of murder, escaped from a farm outside the Jail after they were taken out there for work.Banerjee cited example of some developed countries “where GPS technology is employed to keep a track of dreaded prisoners”.”Technology is force multiplier. We have to make use of technology for good. We don’t have huge manpower to man prisoners who are taken out to work,” he said.

GPS-based wrist and ankle bands are hard to unlock or break open in case of any attempt to escape by a jail inmate, the ADG said, adding the device is very much useful in keeping a hawk’s eye on prisoners.”These bands are cheap also. One piece costs around 22 to 25 USD,” he added. In Madhya Pradesh, many jails have farms outside their premises where prisoners are usually taken to work as part of their jail term.”If our idea works out, we are going to first employ it on experimental basis in Bhopal jail,” Banerjee said. Meanwhile, Bhopal Central Jail Superintendent Akhilesh Tomar said that Singh and Bhoi still remain untraced