MP pledges contribution to educated, empowered, capable India, says CM

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that “the main aim of education is to impart knowledge, skills and instill values in the new generation”. Today as Teacher’s Day, is dedicated to the former President of India, eminent educationist Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

Radhakrishnan considered education and knowledge as the most powerful basis of life. In his tweet on Teachers’ Day, Chief Minister Chouhan says that Madhya Pradesh is committed to make its contribution in building an educated, capable and empowered India of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan ji’s dreams.

Radhakrishnan was of the opinion that “a teacher is not the one who thrusts facts on the mind of the student, instead the real teacher is one who prepares the students to face future challenges.” In fact, it is the teachers who do the work of shaping the society.

School teachers are not only preparing the coming generation for challenges, but are also themselves facing the challenges with determination.

Corona infection had completely disturbed the school education system. The very existence of the institution named ‘school’ was recognized due to the presence of children learning, playing, their involvement in other extra-curricular activities and mutual interaction.

The joy of being a part of a school and the children’s interest in schools were due to these reasons. Due to Corona, all these activities became a means to spread the infection.

As a result schools remained closed for a long time. Even in this adverse situation, teachers remained committed towards their duty of imparting knowledge, skills and values to the students.

As a result of these efforts of the teachers, the order of study of the students did not break and they continued to experience continuity in education.

Teachers of the state kept the education system moving during Covid period by conducting online classes through Diksha, DigiLep, Doordarshan, Radio, WhatsApp etc. Schemes like “Hamara Ghar-Hamara Vidyalaya” helped establish constant contact with students. Along with education, teachers also assisted in works like survey of people suffering from Corona, their treatment and vaccination.