MP will soon have a new industry-friendly law: Nath

Chief Minister Kamal Nath in his message on Republic Day has said that Madhya Pradesh will soon enact a new law to make it easier to run and set up industries in Madhya Pradesh. All such permissions will be available in maximum seven days. If the permission is not given within seven days, it will be considered as permitted. This will help in increasing the economic activities that generate employment.

Seventy percent employment in new industries has been made mandatory for the youth of the State. In view of the employment potential in the real estate sector, the number of 27 permissions required for it has been reduced to five. The Chief Minister hoisted the flag at the Republic Day function in Indore and took the salute of the traditional parade.

The Chief Minister called upon the citizens to take a pledge to make the relationship between Gana and Tantra effective. He said that both gana and tantra should change their perspective, change their thinking and adopt changes. He recalled Bhimrao Ambedkar, the architect of the Constitution and members of the Constituent Assembly.

The Chief Minister said that the central government has abolished the practice of making Scheduled Tribe Plan. This has made the task of estimating the amount of money needed for the development of these areas difficult. Now effort will be made to implement it again after holding a discussion in this connection with the Government of India. He said that due to GST, the amount received from the Government of India in the last one year has decreased.

The Chief Minister said that the Vision-to Delivery Roadmap 2020-25 has been made to realise Mahatma Gandhi’s dreams. The goal is to develop Madhya Pradesh into one among the best states of the country by the year 2025.

On making agriculture profitable, Chief Minister Kamal Nath said that loans of about 20 lakh farmers have been waived in one year. In this, we have waived off timeless crop loans up to Rs 2 lakh and current crop loans up to Rs 50 thousand.

The second phase of debt waiver has now begun in which the work of waiver of current crop loans of the remaining farmers up to Rs 1 lakh and timeless crop loans up to Rs 2 lakh is being done.

Referring to the launch of a new scheme ‘Bhavishya’ to increase the storage capacity in the state, the Chief Minister said that there is a plan to build additional capacity of about 30 lakh tonnes of storage. A target has been set to increase the irrigation potential of the State to 60 lakh hectares.