Nitin Gadkari is the right man in the wrong party, says Congress leader Ashok Chavan

New Delhi: On a day when the NDA government at the centre completed seven years in office, Congress leader Ashok Chavan on Sunday (May 30, 2021) praised Bharatiya Janata Party’s Nitin Gadkari and said that he is the right man in the wrong party.

The Maharashtra Minister said that he often talks about Nitin Gadkari and that he is an efficient minister.

“There are many issues which are related to basic amenities and infrastructure of Maharashtra. Gadkari takes those subjects seriously. I publicly praise his way of working either by writing articles or via tweets. But praising him does not mean that I support him politically. After all, he is a minister in the NDA government. So all I will say is that he is the right man but in the wrong party,” Chavan said.

Asked if he had a favourite minister in the NDA government, Chavan replied that ‘good words’ could only be spoken about Union Minister Nitin Gadkari.

The former Chief Minister of Maharashtra said that Gadkari maintains a ‘dialogue with other parties despite ideological differences’.

Chavan also targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government and said that it has failed to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

He alleged that the Centre has taken all decision-making powers into its hands, but now after the outbreak of coronavirus, it is blaming the state governments.