No jeans, T-shirt only prescribed dress code, urban administration department to municipal corporation employees

Bhopal : Urban administration and development minister Bhupendra Singh on Thursday said that the dress code would be strictly implemented in municipal corporations and municipalities of the state.

While talking to journalists at his official residence here in Bhopal, Singh said, the officers of municipal corporations and municipalities have been instructed to ensure that all employees would be on duty only in decided dress code.

“We will ensure that all employees would now be in dress code,” Singh said, adding action would be taken against those who would not breach the order.

According to information, the urban administration department in the year 2019 had decided the dress code for all employees of municipal corporations and municipalities. As per the decision, male employees would wear sky blue shirts and navy blue paints, while female employees would be allowed to wear sky blue sarees or sky blue Kurta and navy blue trousers.

The biggest reason behind implementation of dress code for municipal corporations’ employees is to ensure that the citizens could easily recognize them.