No new Covid Care Centres as only 28% beds occupied

BHOPAL: All district collectors and district health committees have been instructed by the government not to open any more Covid Care Centres (CCCs) in the state as only 28 per cent of the beds are occupied in the CCCs that have been opened so far in the state.

National Health mission director Chhavi Bharadwaj, in her order, instructed that, currently, there are only 4,635 beds full against the 16,417 available in Covid Care Centres. Under such a circumstance, if there is any need for Covid Care Centres, a proposal could be sent for approval. Otherwise, the NHM will not be responsible for temporary appointments at Covid Care Centres.

Covid Care Centres have been opened as quarantine centres to isolate Covid patients and these patients remain under the monitoring of doctors and paramedical staff for care and treatment of the disease.

In Bhopal, 1,000 beds of Covid Care Centres are operational at the Motilal Stadium, Lal Parade Ground. Besides, the Railways has also installed isolation coaches at Platform No. 6 and it is also just like the Covid Care Centres.

The army also developed Covid Care Centres for isolation of Covid patients.Similarly, Covid Care Centres have been opened at many places and the NHM has to appoint doctors and paramedical staff for monitoring of Covid patients. In fact, there was a need of Covid Care Centres for Covid patients so that these patients do not spread infection after their isolation in Covid Care Centres. The number of corona cases was increasing in the state capital; so, considering the seriousness of the situation, Covid Care Centres have been opened in the state capital.

Not only are medicines provided at the Covid Care Centres, but counseling is also done for the Covid patients so that they do not panic. So, for mental support, doctors and paramedical staff counsel the patients.