Not responsible for spoiling the equation of parties in CM Raman’s district

Rajnandgaon In the house assembly of Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh in Rajnandgaon, in the last assembly elections, the choice of noa, none of these, got more votes than the margin of victory of the winning candidates. Out of the six assembly constituencies in the district, more than the last increase of the votes polled for the votes polled by the noata.

The big thing was that these three seats were won by the Congress. Four out of six seats in Rajnandgaon district are in the possession of Congress and two BJP. Three of these seats were won by congressional victory. One reason for this was that Nota got more votes. Khairagarh assembly seat Girvar Janghel (Congress) won He got 7,013 votes while Komal Jangheel (BJP) got 6,793 votes.

The victory margin was only 2190, but the nota got more than 4643 votes that was more than double. This is about seven percent of the vote for the winning candidate. Leaderam, who secured the winner of the Mohalla-Manpur constituency reserved for Scheduled Castes, got 42648 votes, while BJP candidate Bhojesh Shah stood second with 41,692 votes. That is, the difference of victory was only 956. On the other hand, the choice of the noata was chosen by 5742 voters. This is 13.45 percent of the votes received by the winning candidate Netam

This is not

Election Commission has given this option in the voting machines since last election if you do not want to vote for any candidate, you can press the button of the note. It is believed that the voter does not like any of these candidates.

Key role in reversing results

Even in Dongargaon, the note played a key role in reversing the result. The victorious candidate Daleeshwar Sahu (Congress) got 67755 votes while the nearest rival Dinesh Gandhi (BJP) got 66057 votes. In this way, the victory margin was only 1698 and the vote of 4062 votes in favor of Nota. This is 5.99 percent of the total votes received by the winning candidate. Nota did not show any effective effect on Congress’s Khuji seat. From there the difference of victory was 8,694, while Nota got 4608 votes.

In the 2013 election, the impact of the nota was neutral for the BJP’s victorious candidates. Dr. Raman Singh won from Rajnandgaon seat with 35866 votes. Then the note was only 2042 votes. BJP candidate Sarojini Banjare, who won from Dongargarh, won the election by 6,858 votes, with 4684 votes.

Nota got 4298 votes. The influence of money can be much more this time as the District Farmers Association has announced that it will vote for qualified and powerful candidates. Otherwise the vote of farmers will go to nota.