Only the claim of development of Chief Minister inspired us to make Raman’s glasses video: Congress

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh does not know how development in Chhattisgarh is seen, we do not know. But the reality is that in the last fifteen years, poverty and misery are big in the state. If the Chief Minister says this development only then it is amazing for his glasses.
Now everyone needs to see development through their glasses. Congress media department chief Shailesh Nitin Trivedi and Jayawardhan Bista said today while opening a poll of Chief Minister’s development claim that Raman Singh’s claim of development has inspired us to make Raman’s glasses video. Which we are releasing to the people of the state so that the people can be sure of the Raman government.
Congress leaders alleged that in the last fifteen years every section of the government is upset. From farmers of the state to youth, laborers, industrialists, businessmen, government employees are angry, then whose development has taken place in these years.

Several ministers of the state have allegations of grab land and ponds. In these years the people of the state have become empty, but property of BJP leaders has increased wildly. If someone has grown in the state, then it has happened to BJP leaders and officers.
Congress leaders alleged that the decline in the health and agriculture sector has never been seen before. The state of health and agriculture in the state has completely devastated. In spite of this, the Chief Minister is claiming the development of the figures of the figures, so of course it is amazing for his glasses. But the level of statistics does not change the level of life of the public.
Congress leaders said that Policy Commission CEO Amitabh Kant said that Chhattisgarh is among the states which are obstacles in the development of the country, it was not wrong. The truth is that in Chhattisgarh, in the last 15 years, there is more destruction in place of development in Chhattisgarh.
When the state was formed, 37 percent of the population in Chhattisgarh was poor, now they have increased to 50 percent. This information was confirmed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, when in Bhilai, he told that in the Chhattisgarh, the granular account of 1.25 million poor people is open.
Congress leaders said that the report of the National Sample Survey shows that the country’s highest slums are in Chhattisgarh. Here, 18 percent of the population lives in slums. The figures of the Government of India show that Chhattisgarh is one of the states where the farmers have been forced to become the most workers.
In the last three years alone, more than 1400 farmers have committed suicide in Chhattisgarh.In Chhattisgarh, in the case of malnutrition among women and children, the worst has been done. Despite the alleged development of 15 years, even here, 38 percent are malnourished.
In villages, this percentage goes more than 60. The development of Ramadan is that Raman Singh had to show the new Raipur by pushing the people’s representatives from the entire state to show the development. The truth is that the condition of roads outside Raipur is bad . Whether it is the Raipur Bilaspur route or the Ambikapur route from Bilaspur. The figures of employment are skyrocketing.
Congress leaders said that there are about 50 lakh unemployed people in the state, with registered and unregistered unemployed. More than 70 workers in the state have been staging strike in the last two years. In the police department for the first time, they expressed resentment.