Playing role of opposition will enhance us: Shah to party cadres

Senior BJP leader and Union home minister Amit Shah energized the party rank and file at state headquarters Kushabhau Thakre premises on Tuesday.

While addressing them he exhorted them not to be disappointed after losing power and said “remember we are enhanced only when we are in opposition”.

Recalling contribution of late Atal Bihari Vajpayee and party veteran Lal Krishna Advani, he said if they had lost patient the party might had lost its existence.

Only these two were in the Lok Sabha when the then Congress Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi mocked them for being minuscule in numbers. “This incident taught us lesson for never be arrogant in success and to be humble when we are facing odds,” he said.

“It is not winning or losing that decides fate of our party but the hard work of the party cadre makes the lotus bloom”, he said.

Appreciating Raman Singh for his fifteen-year term in the state, Shah listed his success in Naxal front and efforts of him for development of each and every section of the society. He further alleged that Bhupesh Baghel government in the state had failed to keep the promises made and said it was a failure government.