PM Modi showing weakness in dealing with Pakistan: Congress

Taking a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the recent ceasefire violations, the Congress Party on Tuesday said the ruling government was showing weakness in dealing with Pakistan.

Civilians are being attacked, heavy shelling is going on. The Prime Minister and the government are showing their weakness in dealing with Pakistan. And whatever talks the Prime Minister has had with any leader in the world on this matter, India has always been on the receiving end as far as the relationship with Pakistan is concerned, said Congress leader PC Chacko.

He also criticized Prime Minister Modi for not initiating a tough stand against Pakistan.

Since the Prime Minister took over his post and invited Nawaz Sharif as his guest to India, there has not been a single week without ceasefire violations. On August 15th and 16th, 22 civilians were injured and six were killed, Chacko said.

Pakistan is ignoring India and taking us lightly. Border violations have become a daily affair and the Modi government cannot deal with it. Any tall talks by the Prime Minister are meaningless and useless, he added.

Addressing the Indian diaspora at the Dubai Cricket Stadium yesterday, Prime Minister Modi had highlighted the terror agreement between India and the UAE and said that those who indulge in terrorism must be punished.

UAE and India have made a clear statement against terror in their joint statement today. This is very important… samajhne wale samajh jayenge , akalmand ko ishaara kaafi hai (the message will be clear to those it s intended for), Prime Minister Modi said.

Those who indulge in terror must be punished and this is the message that has resonated from here today, he added while talking about the anti-terror document signed with UAE.

Asserting that terrorism has no boundaries, Prime Minister Modi said the world must unite to fight terror.

Meanwhile, Chacko said that India and the UAE have always had good relations and added that there was nothing new in what Prime Minister has said or done during his two-day visit to the gulf nation.

The UAE has been a very good trade partner of India and UAE has been extending their support in many international issues for India. There is nothing new in what the Prime Minister has said or done, he told ANI here.

With the aim of reaching a target of US $75 billion to support investment in India’s plans for rapid expansion of next generation infrastructure, especially in railways, ports, roads, airports and industrial corridors and parks, the UAE has decided to raise their investments in India which would be more than what China and Japan have invested in the country so far.

Chacko also alleged that the Prime Minister did not address the concerns of the Indian diaspora in the UAE.

Indians in UAE have many issues which the Indian Government has to find a solution to including their voting rights. Indians in UAE, unlike any other diaspora in the world, are close to India. They want to be part of the Indian elections. They also have issues about their travelling situations. The Prime Minister did not address a single issue, he said.