PM Narendra Modi slams CM Mamata Banerjee in Kharagpur rally

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi while addressing a rally in West Bengal’s Kharagpur on Saturday (March 20), attacked CM Mamata Banerjee on her work ethics. PM Modi mocked the Didi-Bhaipo duo and said, “Only a single window exists in Bengal today, which is the window of ‘Bhaipo’ (nephew), no work gets done without crossing it.”

The prime minister at the public rally promised the residents of West Bengal that the BJP government will put an end to the games which Mamata-led TMC government has been playing with the people of Bengal. “Khela sesh hobe, Vikas aarambh hobe,” chanted PM Modi at the Kharagpur rally which was attended by people in large numbers.

Targeting the TMC-ruling government, the prime minister alleged that “Mamata Banerjee stands like a wall to block the benefits of central schemes” to the people of Bengal.

“Agriculture, irrigation and cold storage facilities in this region will be made better. We’ll also improve the healthcare facilities and rural roads. We’ll ensure clean drinking water to every household in the region,” promised PM Modi.

This was the prime minister’s third rally in the poll-bound state. The BJP leader has been holding public rallies as a part of BJP’s campaign in the state.

The political environment in West Bengal is getting tense as PM Narendra Modi and CM Mamata Banerjee continue to exchange comments while addressing rallies in the state.

The assembly elections in West Bengal are scheduled to be held in eight phases. The voting for phase 1 for 30 constituencies will take place on March 27, voting for phase 2 for 30 constituencies will be held on April 1.

The polling for phase 3 for 31 seats will take place on April 6, for phase 4 for 44 constituencies on April 10, for phase 5 for 45 constituencies on April 17, for phase 6 for 43 constituencies on April 22, for phase 7 for 36 constituencies on April 26 and for phase 8 for 35 constituencies on April 29.