PM Narendra Modi to address rallies in West Bengal

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address public rallies in West Bengal’s Bhangra (Purulia) and Assam’s Karimganj on Thursday (March 18).

The prime minister is going to hold the public rallies as a part of BJP’s campaign in the two poll-bound states. The rallies are scheduled to be held at 11am and 3pm respectively.

PM Modi took it to his social media account to reiterate his party’s agenda of good governance in the country. He tweeted, “Glad to be getting the opportunity to be among my sisters and brothers of West Bengal tomorrow, 18th March. I would be addressing a rally in Purulia. Across West Bengal, there is a desire for change. BJP’s agenda of good governance is striking a chord among the people.”

In another tweet, the Prime minister wrote, “Will be in Assam tomorrow, 18th March. Looking forward to being among the people of this great state during the rally in Karimganj. Assam has witnessed positive changes across various sectors over the last 5 years. NDA seeks people’s blessings to continue the development agenda.”

In the upcoming assembly elections, BJP seeks to put an end to the 10-year rule of the Trinamool Congress’ (TMC) in West Bengal, it is campaigning to retain power in Assam.

Meanwhile, the political environment in West Bengal is getting tense as both the parties, BJP and TMC, have started their election campaigns in full swing in the state. The assembly elections in West Bengal are scheduled to be held in eight phases. The voting for phase 1 for 30 constituencies will take place on March 27, voting for phase 2 for 30 constituencies will be held on April 1.

The polling for phase 3 for 31 seats will take place on April 6, for phase 4 for 44 constituencies on April 10, for phase 5 for 45 constituencies on April 17, for phase 6 for 43 constituencies on April 22, for phase 7 for 36 constituencies on April 26 and for phase 8 for 35 constituencies on April 29.

As per Election Commission notification, Assam Assembly elections will be held in three phases starting from March 27 for 126 seats. A total of 2,32,44,454 electors will cast their votes in the 15th Legislative Assembly.