PM Narendra Modi to participate in Leaders’ Summit on Climate to be hosted by US President Joe Biden

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday (April 22) will participate in Leaders’ Summit on Climate hosted by US President Joe Biden, the Ministry of External Affairs announced on Wednesday.

The US President has invited world leaders from around 40 countries for the two-day virtual Summit to discuss the climate crisis with the major economies.

During the first season of the summit, the Prime Minister is expected to make his remarks on “Our Collective Sprint to 2030”.

The Leaders’ Summit on Climate will be held at 5.30pm IST. All the 40 world leaders invested by Biden are US-led Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate.

The External Affairs ministry said in a statement, “the summit leaders will exchange views on various issues related to climate action, including nature-based solutions, climate security as well as technological innovations for clean energy.”

“The leaders will also deliberate on how the world can align climate action with inclusive and resilient economic development, while respecting national circumstances and sustainable development priorities,” it added.

The theme of the summit is mobilisation of private and public sector finance by the major-economies in order to help vulnerable countries with the climate change crisis, per the US state department.

The 40 world leaders who are expected to be seen at the summit along with PM Narendra Modi are Chinese President Xi Jinping, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, among others.

Meanwhile, all sessions of the summit is going to be live-streamed and is open to the public.