PollComm strategist reverts ‘no’ to his OSD appointment to CM

PollComm strategist Tushar Panchal, who was appointed Officer of Special Duty (OSD) to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Monday, on tweeter claimed that he is unable to accept this offer.

Soon after the orders of his appointment were out, he posted from his tweeter account that he would change his bio on tweeter account soon , as he has been appointed in the office of Chief MinIster of Madhya Pradesh. He too accepted the greetings on his appointment.

Surprisingly, within 24 hours, the situations changed and he announced on tweeter that he is not accepting the offer. Ironically, it was not an offer, it was direct appointment on the post of OSD and he was to look after media communication work.

Madhya Pradesh unit of Congress has claimed that the Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) had launched a campaign on tweeter to expose Tushar by circulating his previous posts against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP and RSS. “This really worked and Tushar stepped back from assuming office. Probably, from the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan he was asked to declare that he was not accepting this offer,” said PCC Media in-charge Narendra Singh Saluja, in a statement.

It is believed that after the old tweets of Tushar surfaced, the decision of the State government received criticism from all corners and it was decided that he should not be appoint. Since, the orders were already issued, it was quite difficult to withdraw the orders and thus he was asked to step down.