Promises made to people will be fulfilled: Baghel

BJP members on Tuesday stormed out of the Chhattisgarh Assembly amid chaos after expressing unhappiness with Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel over election promises which they said have not been fulfilled by the ruling Congress party.

BJP leaders accused the Chief Minister of not giving specific answer to a question raised on the promises made to the voters.

Leader of Opposition Dharamlal Kaushik sought to know the number of announcements made in the Congress election manifesto, how many have been implemented and by when the remaining promises will be met.

Baghel said as per the manifesto, 36 targets were set, out of which 14 have been fulfilled and 22 remains. He said no time frame can be given about implementing the remaining promises.

Kaushik countered that at different times different leaders of the Congress and the government had given conflicting statistics on the subject. But no one had said that 14 promises had been implemented.

The Chief Minister said the manifesto followed 15 years of BJP rule which made the poor poorer, forced farmers to move away from agriculture and unemployment soared. That is why the Congress got people’s blessings.

“We had made promises,” he said, adding they will be fulfilled.

BJP members insisted on Baghel listing the 14 fulfilled targets.

Baghel said within two hours of forming the government loans of 18 lakh farmers were waived off, paddy was procured at Rs 2,500 per quintal at MSP, TATA land was returned to tribal farmers, forest land rights given to forest dwellers, procurement of forest minor produce taken up from 7 to 52, 38 lakh families benefitting from 400-unit half scheme…

Interrupting, Kaushik and other BJP members sought the total list of 14, which triggered chaos as Congress members raised the issue of non-fulfilment of targets set by the BJP in 15 years. Kaushik then announced a walkout.