Raman Boley-Jogi will decide on the alliance with time and circumstances

Raipur. Chief Minister Dr.Ramman Singh said that the BJP will also form the government with the full majority for the fourth time. However, he did not rule out that the party may need coalition. He said on Jogi’s alliance that it is less likely but will take a decision based on time and situation. The Chief Minister talked to a news channel about this.

Discussion of a hung assembly with Congress wave
The results of the Chhattisgarh assembly elections concluded on December 11. Apart from BJP and Congress, Jogi Congress is claiming its victory after voting in both phases. Countdown to counting has started. Apart from this, besides the wave of Congress, BJP, the prospect of a hung assembly has also increased.

While there is speculation about the Congress and the BSP-Jogi alliance, while the other is the Chief Minister has given a statement on the alliance, it has given a new political equation to the wind. Actually a news channel talked to the Chief Minister on many issues. The chief minister is also questioned on coalition from this.

The Chief Minister said that the Congress was losing the election because the Congress feared a disturbance in the EVM and hence the question of the EVM is being questioned. They have weakness inside them and they have already found excuses for defeat. Dr. Raman Singh said that the Chief Minister’s face is himself and that for the fourth time in BJP government, he will be the same Chief Minister. On the issue of Ram temple, he said that according to the court’s decision, we will work accordingly. We will also try a consensus for this.

Prime Minister Modi does not need to take Hindutva education from Rahul
When Rahul Gandhi did not tell the good Hindus of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said that Modi does not need to take Hindutva’s education from Rahul. His statement is not wise. On Rahul’s allegation by Rahul Gandhi, Raman said that there is no head and foot of lies.

Jogi, who returned from Goa, said – looking at Jogi without any claim
After the election, the Jogi family returned for a holiday in Goa on Sunday. Party workers at the airport welcomed Ajit Jogi, Renu Jogi, Amit Jogi and Richa Jogi. In a discussion with journalists here, Ajit Jogi said that the Goa weather is sunny in Chhattisgarh. On the issue of disturbances in EVM, he said that now it will be a mess, all 11 will be known. At present, there is no claim on this occasion but all are looking at Jogi.

Purchase and fear of purchase: Bhansali
Here Jogi Congress has expressed the hope of buying. Jogi Congress State Spokesperson Nitin Bhansali said that after the election results, two main national parties of the state can get away with the fear of losing the politics of buying and selling power. In this case, Jogi Congress has said to complain with the evidence. Bhansali has said that the leaders of both the national parties have done full planning to get the power to manipulate and purchase politics of power. From the leaders of their coalition, the leaders of these two parties are continuously trying to seduce the person whose evidence is being prepared to be lodged with the Chief Investigation Agencies and the Commission.

Jogi is a B-team of Congress, BJP, there is nothing new in this
 There is nothing surprising in this. His B-team is only he We are also saying before that there is a conspiracy in Jogi and Raman Singh. Now his statement is making it up and strengthening it. Anyway, Raman Singh, Ajit Jogi has helped in many cases before. He has kept many jogi cases under control. Jatiya Chatta or Antagarh Tapapkanda all the cases are suppressed. Whereas everything has come out in Antagarh Tapapkad. If they do, then they will expose in front of everyone. Well they will not get the opportunity. Because Congress is coming to power with full majority.