Raman says, ‘strange’ coalition will destroy fields in Jogi’s stronghold

Bilaspur Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh, while addressing a general meeting in Kotumi of Marwahi on Monday, took a dig at Ajit Jogi’s party Chhattisgarh Janata Congress and Bahujan Samaj Party combine. He called for no name, that there are alliances with strange and strange in politics.

Taking the plow on the shoulder of the elephant is trying to get the farm. In such a situation, nothing else will be achieved except in the fields of catastrophe. Let me tell you that he has taken note of BSP’s election symbol elephant and Jogi’s election symbol Anangar.

Dr. Raman, who arrived here under the Atal Vikas Yatra, was addressing the general body meeting at the Higher Secondary School Ground. During this, he said that the BJP government has been running various development schemes from center to state, which is benefiting the villages, farmers and the poor.

This development plan is also becoming the eyeball of many people, because of their political selfishness, they are unable to afford it. During the meeting, he described the party’s coalition of Mayawati and Ajit Jogi as a strange electoral experiment.

Bhumi Pujan and inauguration of development projects of 132 crores

During the Vikas Vikas, the Chief Minister inaugurated 49 works and Bhumi Pujan at a cost of about Rs. 132 crores. He also distributed material to 319 beneficiaries under different government schemes.

The Chief Minister inaugurated the Bhumi Pujjan of 26 works of 113 crore 44 lakh and 23 works of 18 crore 24 lakh. Among the works undertaken by Dr. Singh, widening and strengthening of Marwahi road with 13 km of Sion, at a cost of Rs 36 crores, pendra bypass road, 13 kms at a cost of Rs 54 crores 26 lacs, Rs 11 crores 56 lacs Upgradation and widening of Bhandi road from Basantpur, 5 kms long, cost of Rs 7 crores, Anicut to be built in Gram Panchayat Parasi and Rs. 87 lacs, Government tomorrow Iki nursery tasks compound built in Lalpur.

Among the works released by Dr. Raman Singh, a bridge constructed on Gadma Tola road from Medukha Darri on Sonondi at Sonnadi at a cost of Rs. 3 crore each, from Sonakshi on the Soni Road, a bridge built on the river from Dankhikundi, costing Rs. 55 million. Built at Sion-Murwahi at Sion-Mewahahi, costing Rs.500 crores, the cost of Basti Vyapartan Marg Gorela and 45 million The cost includes Bermuda Stapedem built in Tilora Pendra.